If you need a jazz band for your wedding or your cocktail, you’re at the right place.

Wedding Jazz BandRECEPTIONS

Evening gala charity dinner , rally … our Jazz animations adapt to any type of reception , with refined swing, the required discretion and in accordance with the ” dress code ” of your evening.


Embellish your wedding cocktail with a pinch of glamor , a large swig of heat and a dash of sophistication with animation jazz up to this special day !

A good musical atmosphere is required for a successful wedding by its magical character it brings to the event. Usually , the organizers look for professional musicians groups who cleverly combine animation, live performance and quality. The question then arises: how to choose a music group for your wedding ?
This choice can be up to be a relatively difficult task ; Indeed , you should be sure to choose the good band to ensure that the music fits all ears. That’s why a jazz band comes directly to mind as being the simplest, and the most suitable.

This option is more conventional , but the advantage is that a jazz band offers this timeless character befitting all generations.
Another positive regarding this kind of group is that it is easier for him to include in its records a variety of existing musical works than for rock musicians.
Finally, a jazz band appears to be the most sensible choice for a wedding. It has something for everyone, or at least the majority of the guests ; it is ideal for the event, in the heady atmosphere of romance ; and it will certainly bring an aura of luxury , originality or uniqueness to your party.


Relax your congress or your employees and facilitate exchanges and conviviality around an invigorating and unifying jazz animation.
Have a break , a Jazz break!


Enjoy a concert at home , in privacy.
A direct and close contact with musicians : guaranteed success with your guests !


Here are the translations (english – french) of the essential terms relating to jazz band animation as well as band for wedding and their respective links to the french posts:

Wedding Jazz band : Groupe de jazz mariage

Wedding : mariage

Reception : réception

Seminar : Séminaire

Private Concert : concert privé

Jazz singer : Chanteuse de jazz

Musical animation : animation musical

Guest : invité

Event : événement

Party : soirée

Musical atmosphere : atmosphère musicale


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